You'll find some references of houses, land, farms sold by my agency Immo Deprez. Furthermore: recent average prices of houses sold in western Flanders, premiums that can be obtained, legislation news.

10 government measures that make living in Flanders unafordable

10 government measures that make living in Flanders unafordable

Many measures imposed by the Flemish, national and European governments have a price-increasing effect on the housing market. The right to housing can be endangered for tenants. It is becoming increasingly difficult for prospective buyers to buy a home.


Watou Callestraat 3 (Poperinge)

Some of the many houses sold over the years: Watou Callestraat 3 Farm Ieper Crescendostraat Middle class house Dikkebus Windeweg 3 Lovely home Alveringem Ekestraat 8 House to be renovated on the countryside Poperinge Kleine Casseldreef 5  Farm Alveringem Izenbergstraat 2Two building parcels Roeselare Schilderstraat 50  House in the city Bredene Koerslaan Villa Adinkerke Kruisstraat Country-house Geluveld Menenstraat 51 House along the main road   Veurne Rodestraat 13 House to be renovated Houthulst Poelkapellestraat Villa Houthulst Klerkenstraat 27 House to be renovated


House sold in Veurne

There exists a site where you can find the premiums on which you are entitled when buying a house, building one or changing it.



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