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new townhomes Oshawa

new townhomes Oshawa

The precise definition of a townhouse is murky. Some townhomes are under the management of HOAs, which cover the fees of shared areas and maintenance. This case also applies to townhomes that share only the wall, because you will need to share the cost of a few extra amenities. 

A townhouse has a back and front entrance, communal walls, and several stories. There are, however, townhouses that are freestanding and share a fence with the adjacent unit. These houses are typical in urban areas but have extended to less quiet areas like Oshawa. 

How to buy a townhome

Ask questions

Townhomes offer a balance of privacy and affordability. How can you ensure that you make a wise shopping decision while scanning various townhouse options? My Uplands has intellectually astute professionals who will educate you on the details of all units. The following list of questions will help you gain insight into what to expect while getting a townhouse.

  • Do you have HOA fees?
  • What are the rules applied by the Homeowners Association?
  • What does the HOA pay?
  • Is it possible to have a copy of the HOA meeting minutes?
  • Should I expect future renovations or amendments to the contract?
  • What are your restrictions on pets?
  • Is it possible to rent out the unit?
  • Which community events can I expect in the neighborhood?
  • What is the noise level of the area? 

Prepare for fees

Consider the following costs when purchasing a townhome:

  • Mortgage
  • HOA fees
  • Furniture
  • Insurance
  • Upgrades
  • Installation of utilities
  • Landscaping fees 

Study the location of the units

Our townhomes are suitable for people who want to experience the convenience of a town setup and the relaxation of the rural areas. Studying the map and description of amenities on our official website should give you an idea of the region. 

You can have a holistic life living in one of the units. There is something for the person who enjoys the beach, museum, parks, cinema, or eat-outs. There is also an urban infrastructure that includes a well-sized airport. 

What to know about Homeowners Associations and townhouse?

The residents of a townhouse community have to act within the boundaries of a basic agreement. These may include rules about pet ownership, painting, or customization. The residents of a specific community have to pay a certain fee to keep up with the maintenance.

The details of the amenities covered by the HOA will depend on several factors. Some will cover the maintenance fee of the rooftop and leave you to cater for the yard. Others do not allow installation of storage spaces, private fences, or solar panels. The real estate firm should have a form with conditions and restrictions that govern the new townhomes in Oshawa. 

All the fees surrounding the purchase of a townhome may confuse a first-time buyer. It is, therefore, a great idea to work with a trusted financial advisor who will understand the purchase agreement of our units. We have a reliable customer support unit that will address all your concerns at a convenient time.




new townhomes Oshawa

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