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Townhomes Etobicoke

Townhomes Etobicoke

You are in great company if you are thinking about buying a townhouse in Toronto. These homes are the second most popular constructions after single-family homes because they offer unique advantages to the resident. First-time homebuyers looking to maintain their connection to the city will enjoy the detached living that supports an independent lifestyle away from apartments.

Etobicoke townhomes are easy and cheap to maintain, easily accessible, often have tight security and extra amenities for the best living setup. The following write up will expose why townhomes in Etobicoke have the best architecture and living environment.

Five reasons we have the best townhouses in Etobicoke

Construction quality

The best constructions have direct management by the developing team. This case is because the development team can maintain control and visibility of all units without the service of a contractual team. Our townhouses for sale have the best quality standards because we manage every little aspect of their development, from design to the marketing stage.


Take time to research the history and reputation of the townhome’s developer and management team before forking out money. The directories on our site will help you find all our previous projects as well as ongoing construction and sales.

Additionally, we have a stellar history in Toronto because we have a steady repetition of developing sturdy and pre-construction luxury new townhomes for sale in Toronto in the area. You can visit any of our complete communities to evaluate the architecture, or browse through the online virtual tour. Reviews by clients reveal that all our constructional features and finishes last a considerably long time, hence maintaining the home’s value for a subsequent sale.


The average square footage of a single-family home is 2400 square feet, while the median space for a townhome is 2220 square feet. The choice of your home should accommodate all the households and present decent livability for the mundane life. All our houses have sufficient spaces in all rooms; hence you will enjoy a spacious kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms.


Some architectural designs take the life out of their developments by removing all the green spaces that make a home comfortable. An ideal home for a vast green space is a single-family home. Luckily, Dunpar Homes has a creative and sustainable way of introducing greenery to the house.

Some of our Etobicoke townhomes for sale have a neat enclosure of greenery at the front and a small extension of green grass. Others have climbing plants on the walls, making the home a luscious embodiment of modern-day greenery. Buying our townhouses facilitates a serene living space that captures the mood of natural living with elegance.

Luxurious finishing

Our brand has remarkable luxurious quality. We have premium finishes on all appliances, giving the space a modern Canadian theme. These homes also have a suite design that optimizes the layout of the units to improve the overall living experience.

The final choice of the best townhouses in Etobicoke depends on the budget, the preferred length of your stay, and the space that will facilitate a proper lifestyle. Talk to us about all the aspects you would prefer that will simplify the home-buying process and lifestyle.



Townhomes Etobicoke

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