Sales prices of houses sold in the thirth trimester of 2021

Placed at 07/01/2022
Prices of houses old in Veurne, De Panne, Poperinge en Ieper

Recent prices of houses sold in Westhoek en Westkust in 2021.

Below you will find the median price of a house sold in the thirth quarter of 2021 in most municipalities where I am active. The median price is the selling price of the 51st most expensive home when 100 homes sold are classified per price. The median price roughly corresponds to the average price, but usually takes less account of extremely expensive or cheap housing. Recent prices of properties sold in Westhoek, Westkust and Roeselare Median sales prices in the third quarter of 2021 of all homes sold, both terraced houses and villas, with the exception of apartments.                                                                                                     Alveringem: 224.000 (2nd quarter) Ypres: 230.000€ Poperinge: 212.500€ Zonnebeke: 240.000€ Langemark-Poelkapelle:230.000€ Roeselare: 260.000€ Staden: 255.000€ Diksmuide: 215.000€ Houthulst: 209.000€ De Panne: 228.500€ Koksijde: 445.000€ Veurne:292.250€ source Min.v Econ Zaken (in Lo-Reninge and Vleteren too few houses were sold in this quarter) These prices are the median sales prices for one quarter, namely the third quarter of 2021. Depending on the type of house sold (terraced house, villa, farm,.....), the location, the condition of the house, major deviations will occur. For an exact valuation of your property you should make an appointment on 0495/64 17 27 or go to: