Watou Callestraat 3 (Poperinge)

Some of the many houses sold over the years: Watou Callestraat 3 Farm Ieper Crescendostraat Middle class house Dikkebus Windeweg 3 Lovely home Alveringem Ekestraat 8 House to be renovated on the countryside Poperinge Kleine Casseldreef 5  Farm Alveringem Izenbergstraat 2Two building parcels Roeselare Schilderstraat 50  House in the city Bredene Koerslaan Villa Adinkerke Kruisstraat Country-house Geluveld Menenstraat 51 House along the main road   Veurne Rodestraat 13 House to be renovated Houthulst Poelkapellestraat Villa Houthulst Klerkenstraat 27 House to be renovated

Visits in time of covid-19

Visits in time of covid-19

If you want to vist a home for sale this is possible from the 11'th of may. If you're thinking offering your house for sale you call me.

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