Visits on houses for sale are permitted from the 26th of march

Placed at 17/05/2021

From 26th of March, site visits in the presence of a real estate agent are possible again. This must be done in compliance with safety regulations. Appointment is necessary.

During the site visit, social distancing must be respected at all times to become

No hands are shaken

Limit the duration of the visit and, if necessary, take it after the visit (by phone) contact the real estate agent for further discussion

Never go on site visits without an appointment

If possible, bring your own mouth mask and respect the mouth mask obligation

Apply the necessary hand hygiene at the start of the visit. The real estate agent provides the necessary equipment for this 

Respect the time slot proposed by the real estate agent. Don't be late and do not make the visit unnecessarily longer than required to get a good picture of the property

A maximum of 3 adults may be present during a visit, the Real estate agent and residents not included. Touch during viewings no doors or objects. The real estate agent opens all doors, windows and / or cabinets

Stay at home if you or someone close to you shows signs of illness or has been in contact with someone who is showing symptoms or if you fall under the quarantine obligations

Have you had a risk contact, are you awaiting test results or were you tested positive? Report this without delay to the Covid-19 coordinator of the real estate office, whose contact details you will find below: ______________________

Always follow the directions of the real estate agent

Prior to the visit, the real estate agent will be go through the rules again, so that you have a clear view of the precautions and safety rules that guarantee that the visit is safe